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H& Justice League

Heroes And Justice League

Nerds and geeks rejoice! We finally have a live action Justice League movie! That’s right, D.C. and Warner Bros. have finally assembled their superhero team for the big screen but were they able to deliver? For thi…
Heroes And - Thor Ragnarok

Heroes And Thor: Ragnarok

“The boys are back in town!” After a very long summer break, it’s time for Team H& to get back behind the mic and do some work! For this episode, Cody and Andy discuss and share their thoughts on the latest…
H& Wonder Woman Cover Photo

Heroes And Wonder Woman

Ladies and Gentlemen: allow me to introduce you to the first great film in the DC Extended Universe…Wonder Woman. For this episode Andy, Cody and their pal Mel are talking about Heroes & Wonder Woman. They shar…
Heroes And Top 5: Disney Villains

Heroes And Top 5: Disney Villains

You should already know by now that here at Heroes And, we love the following: Disney, Top 5 Lists, and Villains. So for this episode, Team H& is combining all three of those things and are talking about their fa…
H& Logan Cover Photo

Heroes And Logan

We have reached that time in movie history. The moment when an iconic actor hangs up boots on an iconic role…or in this case hangs up the claws. For this episode, Team H& talks about Heroes & Logan. Cody &a…
H& X23 Spotlight

Heroes And Spotlight: X-23

As you get ready to watch, Logan, this weekend…Team H& wants to make sure you are as prepared as possible for it. For that, we are putting the Spotlight on X-23. Raised to be an assassin and a clone of Wolverin…
H& Top 5 Pixar Movies

Heroes And Top 5: Pixar Movies

To say this was an easy task is an understatement! For this week’s episode, Team H& tries their best to compile their Top 5: Pixar movies. And for an almost impossible task, Cody and Andy needed some back up, s…
H& Civil War II

Heroes And Civil War II

It was Marvel’s big comic book event of 2016 but did, Civil War II, live up to the hype? For this episode team H& talk about Heroes And Civil War II. Even if you didn’t read any of the comics, still check ou…
H& Top 5 Speeches

Heroes And Top 5: Speeches

2016 was an election year and in just a few days, here in the states we will have our new President sworn in. But here’s the thing – politicians aren’t the only one who make speeches. Sometimes great speech…

Heroes And Top 5: 2016

You’ve seen the memes all over the internet, your co-workers have talked about it and you, yourself, have said it…2016 was a tough year. But here at Heroes And, we like to see the glass half-full, even when talki…
Heroes & Rogue One

Heroes And Rogue One

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means a new Star War is out. On today’s episode, Team H& talk about Heroes and Rogue One. The movie focuses on the events leading up to SW Episode IV: A New …

Heroes And Top 5: Board Games

The newest member of Team H&, Amos, joins Andy as they discuss, Heroes & Top 5: Board Games. Team H& usually doesn’t talk about board games but they really are great and don’t get enough credi…

Heroes And Doctor Strange

Things are getting strange around here (see what we did there). For this episode, Team H& talks about Heroes and Doctor Strange. Cody and Andy unpack the film and discuss the latest entry in the MCU universe. Lis…

Heroes And Spotlight: Supergirl

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s not Superman…it’s Supergirl. Season 2 of Supergirl starts next week, so what better time to learn about this incredible DC heroine. So for this episode of Heroes &, Cody …

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