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H& Fanboy Blinders

Heroes And Fanboy Blinders

On this episode, Team H& brings the idea of Heroes And Fanboy Blinders to the table. If we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes there are some geeky things that aren’t exactly great, but we love them a…

August 19, 2015

H& Fantastic Four Cover Photo

Heroes And Fantastic 4

In a first for the podcast, Team H& doesn’t fully see eye to eye with each other and they have a good ole’ fashion debate. In this week’s episode Team H& talks about Heroes and Fantastic 4. One side of …
Heroes And Sequels

Heroes And Sequels

To successfully produce, write, and direct a great sequel is to attempt to capture lightning in a bottle. But when it is done right…that’s when you have something special in your hands. This week, Team H& tal…

August 5, 2015

H& Origin Stories

Heroes And Origins

Every hero has a beginning, every hero has a start, and every hero has an origin. On this week’s episode, Team H& talks about Heroes and Origins. We breakdown the importance of telling an origin story, the …

July 29, 2015


Heroes And Ant-Man

Marvel concludes its Phase 2 with the release of Ant-Man but was it the proper send off or a disappointing goodbye? Rather than going bigger and larger for their next film, Marvel went smaller. One would say, they we…
H& Batman Arkham Knight Cover Photo

Heroes And Batman Arkham Knight

The final installment to Rocksteady’s Arkham series has just been released but did it live up to the hype? Did Rocksteady do a good job in wrapping up the story? Or did they drop the BatBall? Listen as we discuss B…
Jurassic World

Heroes And Jurassic World

65 million years in the making, 2 decent sequels, and a whole lot of script rewrites, but at last the latest movie to the Jurassic Park franchise is here. We talk about Heroes & Jurassic World. There’s no doubt…
Summer Movies

Heroes And Summer Movies 2015

With the summer season here, we talk about Heroes & Summer Movies 2015. There are so many movies coming out this summer and we pick the ones we are looking forward to the most! Also, we host our first guests on t…
The Flash

Heroes And Flash Season 1

In today’s episode, we talk about Heroes & The Flash Season 1. How did The Flash do with its debut season? The DC TV Universe just got larger and faster but was The Flash a good addition to it? We share our tho…

Heroes And Arrow Season 3

Today we talk about Heroes & Arrow Season 3. Arrow is one of the best superhero T.V. series on air right now but how did it do with its 3rd season? Team Arrow defeated Slade Wilson in Season 2, but would they be …

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