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Hereos And Life Lessons

Heroes And Top 5: Life Lessons

Whoever said you can’t learn anything from movies and TV shows clearly hasn’t listened to the Heroes And podcast. For today’s episode Cody and Andy talk about Heroes & Top 5: Life Lessons. Team H& go ba…
H& Spotlight Wonder Woman Cover Photo

Heroes And Spotlight: Wonder Woman

On today’s episode, Team H& talks about Heroes & Spotlight: Wonder Woman. With her upcoming big debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s important to go back to the beginning and look at her comi…
H& Daredevil Season 1 Review

Heroes And Daredevil Season 1

Marvel has been extremely successful with their cinematic universe, but how would they do with their first Netflix television series? For this episode, Team H& talks about Heroes & Daredevil Season 1. Did Dar…
H& Big Action Cover Photo #2

Heroes And Over the Top Action Set Pieces

It’s a delicate balance for all moviemakers today, to develop a captivating story and at the same time present a visually stunning film. For this episode Team H& talks about Heroes & Over the Top Action Set…

February 24, 2016


Heroes And Top 5: Relationships

Love is in the air! Across all forms of art, there are relationships that, for one reason or another, stand out above the rest. For this week’s episode, Team H& talk about Heroes & Top 5: Relationships. So …
H& Secret Wars Cover Photo

Heroes And Secret Wars

It all ends…all of it. The Marvel universes, both Earth 1610 and Earth 616, come to an end in this massive comic book event. For this episode, Team H& talk about Heroes and Secret Wars. The latest Marvel event …

Heroes And Top 5: Rivalries

There is a special bond between hero and villain, and every once in a while…a rivalry is formed. For today’s episode, Team H& is joined by their good friend Tim and they talk about Heroes & Top 5: Rivalri…
H& Take 2 Cover Photo

Heroes And Take Two

“If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” That’s all Team H& is trying to say. Movie studios don’t always do justice to our beloved comic-book character, and that’s just not right. On today’s epis…

January 27, 2016

H& Missed the Bus Cover Photo

Heroes And Missed the Bus

As much as you try to stay relevant and “in the know”, you can’t always experience every movie, T.V. show, video game or comic book as soon as they are released. For whatever the reason, sometimes you experienc…

January 13, 2016


Heroes And Villains

In order to have a superhero, there must a villain in the story…and a good one at that. For today’s episode, Team H& talk about Heroes & Villains. They breakdown the complexity of a villain and what goes …

January 6, 2016

Heroes-And-Top-5 2015

Heroes And Top 5: 2015

Before 2016 arrives, Team H& wants to take a moment to look back and reflect on what a great year it was. For today’s episode, Team H& talks about Heroes & Top 5: 2015. Cody and Andy talk about their fa…

Heroes And Movie Trailer Reactions

With next year being right around the corner, movie studios are beginning to release movie trailers for their 2016 blockbusters. Two of the biggest movies coming out, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, and, Captain A…
H& Spoiler Protocol

Heroes And Spoiler Protocol

Unfortunately it has happened to you, me, to all of us. Either you were the victim or the guilty party. But enough is enough; it is time to set up some guidelines and put protocols in place. On today episode, Team H&…

December 2, 2015


Heroes And Top 5: Villains

Since Team H& talk about heroes, it was only a matter of time before they talked about the other end of the spectrum. On this episode, Team H& talks about Heroes & Top 5: Villains. They talk about their f…
Heroes & Shots Fired-Civil War Cover Photo

Heroes And Shots Fired: Civil War

In a new episode format, Team H& disagrees and is ready argue. They’ve said, “shots fired” before, but this time that’s the endgame. For their first topic, Team H& discuss the epic Marvel comic book e…
Heroes & Zombie Survival Plan Cover Photo

Heroes And Zombie Survival Plan

It is here. The time to act is now. No time left to prepare. On today’s episode, Team H& talks about Heroes and Zombie Survival Plan. The concept of the episode is simple; the zombie apocalypse is here…what d…

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